Grundfos CM

Grundfos CM

Self-priming water pump for homes & gardens

Abundant water supply


Our CM product lines supplies water across all taps and across all floors of your villa. The pumps have capability of supplying water to small villas as well as buildings upto 132 meters, which is approximately as tall as a 35 floor building. Needless to say, we’ve got you covered.

Safeguarding your home


Our CM PM range of pumps have the capacity to monitor and detect conditions ranging from low water in tanks to leakages in the pipe network. These protective features ensures that neither your pumps nor your residences are left unattended.

Noiseless Solution


Ensuring comfort to you and your family is our number one priority. The CM range of pumps guarantees ease of operations at the lowest noise possible – even quieter than your regular washing machine.

Reliable System


The new state-of-the-art shaft-seal design, electrocoated cast-iron parts provide optimised corrosion-resistance that ensure long operating life. Furthermore, the efficiency is maximised by the optimised pump performance and carefully crafted production technology.

CM pumps also features

With the ability to boost your home water pressure, our CMBE and CMBE twin pumps enable you to effortlessly attain your desired water requirements.

The CM pumps are designed to ensure reduce energy consumption and compact designs that are ideal for pump water, from above ground as well as under ground water sources.

A self-priming pump is capable of releasing air from the suction line, thereby drawing liquid into the pump. When this is achieved, the pump can revert to its normal pumping mode without being allowed to run dry at any stage; making it ideal for both above and below ground water source.

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