Grundfos SCALA2

Grundfos SCALA2

Smart water pump for homes & gardens

Built To Last

SCALA2 is a fully integrated all-in-one water transfer pump, that’s suitable for all home types and family sizes. Built to last, it can also withstand the desert climate, due to the high-quality aluminum and composite materials used, ensuring durability and lack of leaks.

Intelligent Solution

The SCALA2 is a smart pump that controls and adjusts its operations automatically. This ensures that water pressure is maintained regardless of how many taps are in use (up to 8 taps at the same time). This smart feature ensures that less energy is consumed when there is low demand.

Enhanced Features

SCALA2 offers enhanced intelligence features that give you and your family peace of mind through. Including key and critical functions of detecting water leakage, dry-run protection, and max-run alarm systems. Grundfos Eye notifies the user of the status of the pump.

Noiseless Device

The SCALA2 is one of the quietest pressure boosting pumps in its class. In fact, it’s probably more silent than your dishwasher. This is possible due to the specially designed magnetic water-cooled motor.

SCALA2 also features

SCALA2 is a compact, easy to install, all-in-one solution

The SCALA2 is a fully integrated water boosting solution that delivers perfect water pressure. It features a pump, motor, tank, sensor, drive and non-return valve in one compact unit that is installed quickly and easily.

Tried and test in over 37,000 homes in KSA, the SCALA2 has proven to be an extremely reliable solution for your home.

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